Calling all foodies! Penn Gastronomy is an organization at the University of Pennsylvania composed of students who are eager to expand their culinary horizons and share their foodie experiences. We are passionate about learning through eating, and hope to explore both the food culture of Philadelphia and anywhere else our palates may take us. We see food as a catalyst to finding new adventures and forming relationships. We believe that food is the essence of culture, and aim to appreciate different cultures and perspectives by experiencing their culinary traditions. Food is more that just fuel for our bodies; enjoying food to the fullest is an essential part of enjoying life to the fullest.

As a group, we hope to educate the Penn community about food-related issues and offer students unusual culinary experiences in the Philadelphia area. By doing so, we also hope to occasionally provide our peers with extraordinary alternatives to ordinary dining hall and microwave dinners. We challenge everyone to join our own little food revolution at Penn!


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