Food Musings

First Food Friday

If you don’t know what First Friday is, it’s about time you ventured downtown on the first friday of the month. On this beautiful spring evening, we went to the Drink Philly’s First Friday event.

20130405_190941 20130405_190611 20130405_190322


With free entrance (although you need to reserve tickets online), free beer and free food. It was a pretty awesome deal. I realize now that I should have taken some pictures of the food they served but forgive me, I was too hungry. The food was really amazing though and I was astonished when I talked to the three awesome cooks at the bar to discover that they were all from food trucks!

On 62 N. 33rd Street, Street Food Philly serves whatever food the chefs want- Italian, French, Japanese, Vietnamese etc. They make everything for the day, on the day, using fresh ingredients which include things you would not associate with normal food trucks, such as lobster or foie gras.

I promise that I will visit the food truck soon and remember to take pictures.


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