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IL Pittore

Today the temperature hit 88 degrees Farenheit and I was happy to be uncomfortably hot in my shorts and sleeveless top. It only seemed appropriate to commemorate this wonderful summer weather and the beginning of spring fling with a visit to a restaurant downtown. After consulting a couple of websites, I decided to try out a place called Il Pittore (2025 Sansom st)

IMG_2516 IMG_2523

With window roof tops and potted plants lining the ceiling, the place had a cute, rustic yet sophisticated look. The service was incredible-all the servers were extremely helpful, prompt and always smiling. It was almost overwhelming how polite and keen they all were. We decided to take our enthusiastic waiter’s recommendation and as we basked in the sunlight from the ceiling, the home baked bread basket came out.


Then the baked ricotta with apple, thyme and grilled focaccia:


followed by Tortellini (lobster filled pasta with chives, black truffle and burrata):


Tortellini was extremely rich in flavour, the sauce really elevated the seafood taste of the lobster, whilst eliminating any fishy flavour with the truffle.

As our main we had the slow cooked suckling pig (with pear mostarda, roasted baby carrots and cavalo nero):


Simply put, the entire meal was phenomenal and stupendous. I especially recommend the slow cooked suckling pig. I can confidently say that it is one of the best pork dishes I have had in my life. I nearly cried it was that good. The crackling crisp pork skin is perfectly balanced with the juicy, succulent pork meat. It was perfection.

For dessert, we went around the corner to try the Franklin Fountain ice cream…

IMG_2533 IMG_2534

Not quite sure why there is always a huge queue outside, but it was definitely yummy.

Again, Il Pittore is highly highly recommended. As I look out the window at the thunderstorm outside, I wonder if the summer weather ever happened. But then again, I guess it was almost too good to be true! Enjoy fling!


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