Food Musings

Dream Downtown.

Few months back, I was surfing through the Jetsetter website (Best hotel deals can be found on this site) and saw a deal on Dream Downtown. It was in Meatpacking, the building had holes in it, so I assumed it would be awesome and booked it. 

I salute to whoever came up with the name ‘Dream Downtown’ because it perfectly captures the vibe and the experience of staying at the hotel. The hotel has two renown restaurants- Marble Lane and Cherry. Cherry has only recently opened and it is according to Urbandaddy ‘A sexy New Sushi Den in Chelsea’. Unfortunately the reservation was full so we ended up eating at Marble Lane. 


Definitely on the PRICEY side, Marble Lane is apparently famous for steak. So I had to try the steak, obviously I had no choice… (The steak is Bone in Filet Churrasco $45). The burger was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it. The steak, I thought was a bit overrated but overall I was very satisfied. 


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