Food Musings

Green Vegetables ?

On the saturday of St. Patty’s weekend, I woke up and opened the curtains. It was snowing. And that was the end of my St. Patty’s day. You can call me lame, but I was not about to walk around in a snowstorm so that I can ‘celebrate’ this cultural and religious holiday.

Instead I decided to be green by going to Vedge. Not wearing a single piece of green clothing, On our way to grab a cab, I watched in horror as flurries of drunken green colours staggered past me. Coming from England, this whole St. Patty’s day is a total mystery to me. Nice to see people having a good time I guess?

IMG_20130316_5 IMG_20130316_6 IMG_20130316_7 IMG_20130316_8 IMG_20130316_1 IMG_20130316_2 IMG_20130316_3 IMG_20130316_4


This was my first time going to Vedge and I was vey impressed to say the least. Although I wished that I had more main dishes rather than having desserts… Desserts were not as good as the entree dishes.


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