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Golosa Event


On Friday, March 15th, an intrepid group of 11 PGC members made the trip down to 806 South 6th Street to Golosa Chocolate Bar and Dessert Lounge for a luxurious sampling of the best confections it had on offer. Oh, and I should mention, this was at 6 p.m. so this was basically our dinner for the evening. And what a dinner it was.

After we all managed to get there – most people by taxi, the more adventurous on foot – Fabio, the owner of Golosa who coordinated the event with us, set down shot glasses filled with hot chocolate. The two types he gave us were a 56% chocolate flavored with cardamom and sprinkled with white pepper, and a 70% chocolate with an orange flavoring. The former was like a mellower version of a “Mexican” hot chocolate, the one flavored with dried chili peppers; the white pepper provided a light and cool aftertaste that made the liquid chocolate more drinkable. As for the orange-flavored one, I thought the orange flavor came from a liquor, as it had a burning sensation on the back of the throat. That may have been because of the high chocolate content.

Next came two types of cookies, corn flour with chocolate chips and a pistachio-hazelnut biscotti, an assortment of chocolate truffles by Italian chocolatier Andrea Bianchini. The two truffles featured an eclectic mix of flavors: coconut and rum in one (throwback to Spring Break in Puerto Rico) and rosemary and salt in the other; they were finished off with a miniature slab of dark chocolate. At this point, everyone had broken into conversation with those in their vicinity, and as absorbed as I was in talking to a mix of old and new friends, I wasn’t paying as much attention to what I was eating as I usually can and do. But hey, that really is one of the joys of the PGC; those whom it brings together tend to have a lot in common in terms of experiences related to food and travel, among other things. But what I was paying attention to was the growing THUMP THUMP in the back of my skull as the sugar migraines were beginning to surface.

The last item on our tasting menu was a thin slice of red velvet cake. Which no one could really finish. I felt as if I was wearing a helmet made of iron. While tiny goblins pounded on the outside of it with pickaxes.  In other words, my head was killing me. I thanked Fabio after he took a picture of us, and headed to Whole Foods with a few of the other attendees to find something salty. We just fulfilled every little kid’s dream.

-Special thanks to Board Member Natalia Chadee for helping to coordinate this event, and to Jeanette Sha for the photographs.


Golosa dessert tasting


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