Food Musings

Paris Part III

I have been to Paris several times before, but I had the most enjoyable time this time around. Maybe it was because of all the amazing Art exhibitions, or the Fashion week party of Diesel + Edun (where I saw my heroine Tilda Swinton). I must here, publicly thank my friend Leaf Arbuthnot for being such a wonderful hostess and taking me to only the best spots in Paris.

First venue that I want to talk about for this post is the famous luxury grocery market in Paris- Hediard


20130304_121650 20130304_121914 IMG_1267 IMG_1268

What is this peculiar specimen of food in the clear container you may wonder? Well my friends, I cannot tell you the name of it, but it had smoked salmon, mayonnaise sauce, half-cooked egg and artichoke heart all staked together in a beautifully balanced melange of salty and sweet tastes. The textures were also perfectly balanced where the melting softness of the salmon was complemented by the softness of the artichoke heart.

There was also an unexpected find at the rooftop of the Pompidou museum.

20130304_180354 20130304_172912

The restaurant had an open space, with no roof and just the blue sky above. And I sat there with Paris at my feet, watching the sun set as I struggled to get the meat out of the snails. The service was not particularly great but considering the view, the sun, and the breeze, slight inconvenience was forgivable. Having a good restaurant, or good cafe in a big museum is, I think a vital feature. It really adds to the museum experience where all your senses are heightened. After a good exhibition, there is nothing better than having a hearty meal, or a nice cup of coffee to end the visit on a high note.

We also had the famous hot chocolate from Ladurée which was absolutely divine:

20130305_155300 20130305_155102 20130305_163234 20130305_155613

Ladurée as you may all know (or at least, you know now) is famous for its macarons and desserts, but they also did a good job with the  Ladurée club sandwich. Although I was not sure why there was a random piece of ham just out on top of the sandwiches. I especially enjoyed the humongous chips. 

On our last night in Paris, Leaf took me to what I can confidently say is the coolest bar in the world.

20130306_222226 384133_10152659412965472_1986104002_n 484269_10152659413055472_2031369152_n

Called La Comptoire Generale, this is a place that you would have no way of knowing if you did not have a cool friend in Paris (ehem) who knows some ‘hip’ places. Of course, I may be biased because I got a free drink at the bar because the bar tender likes Koreans (?). I did not complain as he handed me the free drink. If by any chance you go to this bar, (which you really must) try a drink called ‘Secousse’ which was a heavenly blend of whiskey, watermelon and cucumber.

Well that is it for my food ventures in Paris. Next stop is Barcelona!


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