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Spring Break: Much needed break in Paris Part I

Holding tightly onto my backpack and dragging a jam-packed carry-on baggage across the airport, I could hardly stop myself from smiling at everyone passing by. I was on my way to Paris!

Travelling by yourself, without your parents, or even your friends is a unique experience and one that everyone should experience. There is, of course, a sense of isolation as you stand alone in queues, or sit in a plane. But it has as advantage that you observe your surroundings more. You become a voyeur in a strange space of airports and planes, which are transitory spaces- or spaces designed to be the intermediary between your starting place and final destinations.

For those who are planning on going to Paris this summer, note that there is a bus from the airport to the centre of Paris for 10 euros. It is called Roissy Bus and goes straight into Opera. At the end of the line, I stepped out onto the pavement to be tackled from the side by my beloved friend Leaf. Leaf is an aspiring travel journalist studying French and Italian at Cambridge and is currently studying in Paris for a year as part of her language program.

Our first food adventure of the trip was, unfortunately, a dire failure. We went to a place called Bouillon Chartier, which was one of the biggest restaurants in Paris and was designed to deliver decent French cuisine to the commoners. The venue somewhat reminded me of my secondary school dining hall, or Oliver Twist. The service was horrendous, bordering racist (to the Japanese tourists next to us) and overpriced for the horrifying quality of the food. Definitely not recommended and I refuse to put pictures up from this place.

And the second place we visited to eat, had a friendly black furry friend that scurried across the seating area. So all in all, a very entertaining evening. Thank god my friend can make excellent soup otherwise I may have not survived the night.

Our second day, we ventured our way to le Marais, area where one can find Place des Vosges. Now here, our endeavour to find good food was very much rewarded.


This Falafel sandwich is famous in Paris and it was not hard to understand why.

Bakery called Maison Georges Larnicol


The chocolate here is phenomenal. And of course, the best jam shop in the world:

559906_10152659412325472_1028135530_n 20130302_165757

Le Marais is definitely one of my favourite places in Paris, for the food, the shopping and especially for the Art galleries scattered around the place.


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