Food Musings

so chic Indochine

To commemorate my brother’s last night in New York, I made a reservation at Indochine, which was recommended to me by a long time New Yorker with excellent taste in life. Even so when followed the red neon sign into the restaurant, we were not expecting what we saw: The entire restaurant was covered in banana leaf wallpaper and was ushered to the bar and welcomed into a sitting area with sofas. The place was just so vibrant with energy.

Of course, we ended up eating a lot more than we should have… It certainly did not help that our dinner was at 10 pm.

top to bottom: 1) Fried spring rolls 2) Steamed Vietnamese Ravioli 3) Steamed Chilean Sea Bass, Marinated Hanger Steak, sautéed rice 4) Vietnamese Bouillabaisse





The portions were a bit small, but the food was excellent. It was definitely more asian than I thought it would be, in that I thought it was like asian fusion food. I swear the waitresses were models they were so skinny. I definitely had to shout across the table to talk to my friend, but if you are looking for a fun, good meal, this is definitely worth visiting.


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