Food Musings

Bleecker Street adventure

I think all food lovers would agree that the best moments are when you stumble upon a great restaurant by accident. On this particular rainy Saturday afternoon, we were cruising down Bleecker street for a place where we could sit to eat our banana pudding from Magnolia (YUM) when I spotted a red marquee across the street. Not knowing if this was a cafe or a restaurant, we splashed our way across the rain puddles.

The restaurant was called Buvette (42 Grove St, New York, NY 10014) and it was very very crowded indeed. Image

It was a small and long space, and after waiting 15 minutes, we were guided to a tiny table in the corner by the window. Check out their cool fan site:

My brother ordered the Salade de Poulet, and I ordered Croque Forestier with a side of brussel sprouts.


Don’t they just look so delicious? They don’t take reservations which I actually like. They also have this lovely garden at the back, which makes me want to come back this summer when the weather is nice.


Overall, a very pleasant experience. Although on our particular table, we were so close to the table next to us that it got quite awkward. We might as well have been on the same table.


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