Food Musings

Spoilt Thursday

Today my only class from 5-8 got cancelled so I ventured downtown with my brother for some shoes. But of course we got distracted and went into Zama for a nice meal. I had no idea it was so crowded for lunch on Thursdays! ImageImage

we had Kirin Ichiban Braised Short Ribs and Nasu Dengaku with Salmon teriyaki bento box. I especially recommend the Nasu Dengaku. It was fried eggplant with ground chicken sautéed with white miso. Really unique but good stuff.

After the meal I dragged my reluctant brother to Yogorino, where I stuff my face with yogorino covered in chocolate syrup.

Highlight of my day was when I came across this sign outside of Food and Friends Grocery store:


You will definitely be seeing me there in the next few days.

Then for dinner I could not be bothered to go downtown again and decided to take my brother out to Harvest. where we, as per usual, ordered too much food.


For anyone who has not been to Harvest yet, the food is not spectacular, but pretty decent for an on-campus restaurant. The ingredients are very fresh which I appreciate. Definitely recommend the roasted goat cheese starter.

Needless to say I have a very healthy food baby right now as I write this blog. Happy Thursday~


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